David A. Kieffer, Psy.D.
350 Interlocken Blvd. Suite 270
Broomfield, CO  80021
Phone: 303-234-1720
FAX: 303-635-9820
email: drdkieffer@aol.com


"I have known Dr. David Kieffer for 20 out of my 35 years of family practice. During that time, I have found Dr. Kieffer to be a competent, fair and wise professional. I can certainly recommend him highly as a psychologist, and family therapist."
                -Vernon Lee, D.O.    Thornton, CO

"I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist and have been practicing in the metro Denver area for 14 years.  I have worked with many different therapists over the years, and I have to say that Dr. David Kieffer is an exceptional psychotherapist who truly stands out from the 'pack.' I have worked with Dr. Kieffer's clients involved with the court system.  I am consistently impressed with his professionalism and clinical insights with this challenging population.  I have also worked with several of Dr. Kieffer's clients from his private practice, and am equally impressed with his artful, patient, and insightful work with very difficult families."  
        -Renee Richker, M.D.   Arvada, CO

"I have worked with Dr. David Kieffer for over 20 years.  During that time we have had numerous mutual patients.  Dr. Kieffer is a man of integrity and he treats my patients with the utmost respect.  He is an excellent clinician and is particularly helpful to me in cases where I am unclear on the psychiatric diagnosis of the patient.  Not only is he excellent in elucidating key factors in the patient history, but he does this while conveying a sense of caring and concern to the patient.  He is also quite well-versed in the pharmacologic aspects of psychiatric care and will often give me his opinion on what medications might work for a particular patient.  I know I can always trust his opinion.  As a primary care physician I am very conscientious about who I refer my patients to, and I always feel comfortable referring them to Dr. Kieffer."  
        -Mark Pattridge, M.D.   Golden, CO